A Collection of Stories and Such
Victor Boc


Farmer Jalion's Barn
Duthton came home from school today and found a bug on his belly, eating its way into his skin. “Mommy,” he screamed, “why do I have a bug stuck on my skin?” “Because,” she replied, “you are going insane.”
Dinner at the McGuires
The silence was broken when Mrs. McGuire spoke. “Adam,” she said, “would you please touch that chair next to you?” “Why?” Adam asked. “Because I’m afraid it will jump up and bite me,” his mother explained.

Jeffrey stood facing the cold, steel bars. Wide-eyed and willing, he peered into the cage at the kangaroo. The kangaroo looked back. And then... it happened! Jeffrey heard the kangaroo say something to him.

Interview with Bub
“Sometimes I get this feeling that I’m dreaming when I’m awake. It’s like I could just snap my fingers or something and I’d wake up from this dream. It’s like I’m going to wake up and you’ll all disappear.”

My Offering
Take all of my losses... Take all of my gains.
Then come back tomorrow... And take what remains.

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